Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miles to go...

So, Good News.

I had a great interview for the paper I want to work for.  The editor seemed to really warm up to me, and I felt like a perfect fit for the paper.

The Less-Than-Good News is it's still not a guarantee that I get the job.  While it looks like I'll get it, I will still have to probably find another job on the side to pay bills.

It sucks that, besides Clark Kent, very few people make enough to pay the bills working solely as a journalist.  So the blog will flip over to my basic thoughts, interesting things I find, plus the occasional thing I find concerning jobs.

If you have a specific thing you want me to focus on, leave a comment, and I'll debate the concept.


  1. I had an interview recently as well. How much is the starting pay if I may ask?

  2. Stay on the grind, reasons to be optimistic.

  3. Deso,
    Only $10 starting, sadly.

  4. That's a good news.
    I hope you'll find a job asap :)

  5. Shoot for the stars, never settle.


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